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Here’s a thorough guide just for you so that you can get the most out of your online casino gambling. Cashback bonuses are money in your pocket. They’re those free extra spins or rounds where you get entertainment and a chance to win at no cost at all.

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We have graciously put together a cashback guide for you so that you can maximize your experience online. The online casinos hate what we’re about to tell you, for it eats right into their profit margins. If things were up to them, things would stay very conservatively. It is forces like our cashback raising of awareness that keep pushing the entire online casino industry in your favor.

To those of you who may not know – and we assume there are quite a bunch of you out there – an online casino cashback bonus is a mean to get a certain proportion of any periodical losses back. Cashback is like a discount of sorts. That’s why cashback bonuses have become immensely attractive. And to give you some backstory here, it all started with a tiny bunch of online casinos who offered them in order to gain a competitive advantage. Right off the bat cashback bonuses became utterly popular upon which the rest of the industry reluctantly had to begin offering cashback too.

So how then do you best go about getting yourself that perfect cashback deal just for you? Let’s look into it.

1. Regularity. The more of a regular you are at any one online casino, the more important you become as a customer. It’s not just measured in the amount of money you lose. It is also measured by the level of risk you pose. The more loyal you are, and the more money you lose over time, the less risk you are in relation to the stakes you play, and the more prone they are to offer you a generous cashback deal.
2. Stakes. Naturally, the higher you play, the more valuable a customer you are. Truly, this will have a direct relation to your cashback offering. Online casinos pay good money on advertisement to get customers in. Big customers are rare and the casinos will do anything to keep them onboard.
3. Bargaining. Although no online casino will ever come to you and throw more cashback money at you than they need to, you can shop around at different casinos and see who offers what. If one casino offers you a 30 percent cashback deal over a month, whilst your regular casino to which you are loyal offers you 20, then an innocent threat stands a strong chance of landing you a 35-40 percent deal. Just like when negotiating for a higher salary, you must be prepared to leave if they say no. If too many people muster up empty cashback requirement threats they will cease to have any effect. Always remember: whatever cashback deal they give you, they can afford more. It’s more than compensated for in their budget.
4. The games. Depending on the games you play, you will be more or less eligible for certain levels of cashback deals. Games with a low RTP (return to player percent) pose a lower risk and lower variance to the casino, upon which they’ll be much more prone to giving you a stronger deal. Anyone who plays high stakes keno for example (the worst game of the worst!) should settle for nothing less than an 80 percent cashback as the game itself is mere robbery. If, on the other hand, you play high RTP games like baccarat, blackjack or certain selective slot machines, then your bargaining position is far weaker.

There are numerous cashback offers out there and they all keep changing like the seasons. If you want a thorough list of cashback options available to you, and what exactly they entail, we propose you have a look at These guys (whoever they are) tend to keep their lists well up to date, and you can be certain to find a cashback deal to your liking.

To sum it all up, the more of the above four cashback points you can combine, the stronger the position you’re in. Even cashback points number one and two alone (if combined) will truly put you in the driver’s seat. Don’t squander such opportunity, for customers like you are rare like mammoths.


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